The Holistic Data System (HDS) is a powerful and user-friendly manufacturing software system that is designed to help companies increase efficiencies and sustain improvements in production. The software acts as a motivational and diagnostic tool that can be used at every level of your organization—from shop floor operators and their supervisors to the top executive who wants to keep a pulse on production.

The flexibility of the HDS software allows for easy customization for your specific needs, and the network-based environment works in real-time to track and analyze production performance—every hour, on the hour.

The extensive data analysis feature, which provides graphs and charts with multi-parameter capabilities, is key for pinpointing short-term and long-term performance trend—-both positive and negative. This allows you to gain a better understanding of what factors are limiting or facilitating your production performance.

The statistical data that HDS provides will help you take your company to the next level-because information is power! You will no longer have to guess why you are succeeding or failing—finally, you'll have the data to back up your intuition.


Features of the HDS software:
Direct interface with PLC system.
Flexible network-based system.
Provides real-time data.
Scalable system that can be customized for a single line, single product or for multi-lines and multi-factories-with several machines running different products.
Front screen that displays short term trends for top three problems for a defined period.
Trigger line feature with exceptional-cause variation, requiring reason code when below trigger level.
Displays statistically significant variation
Displays top three significant machine stops for definable period by frequency and duration.
Simple message writer function for sending messages to crews, shifts, or machine types.
Customizable data analysis charts and graphs for above- and below-target performance.
Flexible standard reporting by function, brand, crew, shift, machine type, or period.

Benefits of the HDS software:
Filters out clutter
Monitoring ease lets operators, maintenance personnel, and managers check production and performance at a glance.
Consistent feedback helps operators pace themselves throughout the shift.
Constant display of the most critical information allows problems to be pinpointed as they are happening.
Immediate feedback motivates employees to determine why problems are occurring.
Encourages a preventive maintenance mindset, which involves human systems.
Trigger line feature acts as a filter so that employees can focus on the largest problems.
Data on above-target performance allows managers to see the specific actions that are having a positive effect on production so that these actions can then be replicated.
Data provided to compare performance at regular time intervals, with historic performance for each production module, highlights improvement opportunities.
Simple message writer function is easier to use than Lotus notes and does not require knowing who is on the crew or shift.
Analysis identifies trends in production so that proactive measures can be taken before major problems occur.
Scalable system allows for easy expansion to other divisions and factories.

For more information on the
HDS software or to receive a demo CD showing the software in action, contact Keri MacDonald at or call 1-800-545-6044.

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