At HMC, our business is helping companies achieve lasting breakthrough results. Our team of senior management consultants have years of experience and expertise in solving difficult problems and have an enviable track record of producing sustainable results. Our clients will attest to our commitment and the benefits of our holistic approach, as they are all enjoying higher output levels, increased efficiencies, and permanent improvements as a result.

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"HMC has helped us to realize remarkable strides in terms of performance measures, which has given our company a new confidence for the future. But what is even more encouraging is the overall attitude of our employees. The pessimism that was once the norm has now been replaced with a healthier, goal-focused outlook, and a quest to achieve the status of a world-class manufacturer. Thanks to the teamwork from HMC, I believe we are poised to achieve this goal."

— Lincoln Food Service

HMC was formed in 1995 with the goal of revolutionizing the way companies implement manufacturing process improvements.HMC is dedicated to increasing manufacturing productivity and sustaining those improvements. While many other consulting firms provide short-term results, HMC takes aim at providing guaranteed process improvements that yield substantial cost savings and increased throughput for the long term.

HMC looks at a business from a holistic viewpoint, rather than at its individual pieces. We work on the technology, the processes, and the people. Unless we can change the attitudes and behaviors results will not be sustainable. With our diagnostic methodology we are able to identify and isolate major areas for improvements and also implement structural changes that enable long-term results and continuous improvement.


Stephen Hardy is the president and founder of
HMC. His background and qualifications show a broad range of skills: BSEE, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Chartered Engineer, masters in digital communications and computer networks, postgraduate degree in marketing and MBA in international marketing and corporate strategy. He was a Royal Academy of Engineering Professor for Design and Engineering in the UK from 1991-1993.

The key to success in each of HMC's many projects is our holistic approach, which ensures that all elements are tightly integrated and strategically consistent. We bring ideas from different industries and different cultures. We also have an extensive network of consultants and academics throughout the USA, Europe and Latin America and call on this expertise to support our programs as necessary.


In today's environment, good enough just doesn't suffice. To compete, you have to be better! Many manufacturers practice continuous improvement, only to learn that the increases are short-lived or only temporary. In order to achieve sustainable improvements, a new way of thinking is required.

At HMC, we use a different approach. We call it Holistic Manufacturing™. It is our methodology for teaching clients how to reduce disruptions and focus on statistically significant data in order to achieve greater output with minimal resources. To do this, HMC takes a scientific approach to identifying major manufacturing problems, and then applies human systems solutions to eliminate them. We also use an "holistic" approach to solving production inefficiencies, looking at every aspect of the manufacturing process, not just the obvious problem areas. Our approach has proven to be successful across a wide range of industries and has consistently delivered sustainable improvements. What you end up with is a fully implemented system that generates higher output.

Understand The Holistic Manufacturing Approach.
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While the holistic viewpoint is a simple, it requires a great deal of experience to implement. HMC's team of consultants are experts in diagnosing manufacturing problems and bottlenecks and implementing long-term process improvements. Their years of experience with major corporations as both practitioners and managers throughout the world testify to the success of their holistic approach in solving manufacturing dilemmas.

HMC is committed to not only solving difficult manufacturing problems, but also to being there and being part of the team that implements their solutions to achieve the desired results. We also believe in integrating our client staff into the project teams to help train them in our methodologies and to gain commitment to the project. Our team will work within all levels of your organization to build teamwork, communication, and understanding of the systems and methodologies we jointly implement.

Key Personnel
Stephen Hardy

Adriano Carlomagno

Ernesto Echeverri

Patrick Harton

Pablo Hitters

Gerald Kendall

Jacquelyn Kendall

Ariel Lerer

William Smith

Alan Stanbridge

Gabriel Sussman

Guillermo Trotti

José Luis Useche

Roberto Vitolo


At HMC, our goal is to add value to every client we serve. We do this by bridging the gap between good performance and average performance by identifying the primary variables that need to be controlled to achieve higher performance on a more consistent basis.

Here are some of the benefits we provide:

Increase machine outputs
Stabilize the manufacturing process
Make outputs more predictable
Significantly reduce line stoppages and disruptions
Reduce inventories and improve raw material usage
Build process knowledge into client workforce for lasting improvement
Improve teamwork and communication on the factory floor and above

At HMC, we have an enviable track record of producing sustainable results. Our clients will attest to our commitment and the benefits of our holistic methodologies, and they are all enjoying higher output levels and increased efficiencies as a result.

Please review our client success stories.


At HMC, we believe it is not enough to just recommend changes, but rather it is essential to implement them. We stay on-site with our clients until the implementation has been completed and the improvements have been delivered. To back this up, we make a significant portion of our fee subject to our client's performance! That's right. We are so confident that our approach will yield substantial improvements that we base our fees on it. That's our Guarantee, and the end result is a better bottom-line for you! And isn't that, after all, what you are after?

Contact us to discover how HMC and our Holistic Manufacturing™ approach can improve your bottom-line.


HMC has the unique ability to successfully work with a wide range of industries because we start each project using our proven Holistic Manufacturing™ methodology. We focus on statistically significant data in order to diagnose the existing problems, which then allows us to recommend the solutions necessary to achieve sustainable improvements for all of our clients — regardless of industry, size, or geographic location. We are so confident that our formula will work with any industry that we guarantee results by making a significant portion of the our fee subject to performance — that's The HMC Difference!

We have expertise in these industries:

Automotive Manufacturers
Trucking Companies
Diesel Engine Manufacturers
Furniture Manufacturers
Enterprise Resources Planning Software Suppliers
Fast Food Companies
Cigarette Manufacturers
Kitchen Equipment Suppliers
Pharmaceutical Companies
Printer Manufacturers

But don't take our word for it. View our client success stories, or contact HMC for more information.

"Hardy and his team have given us the tools needed along with fully functional systems for us to emulate in other plants. We now have a solid foundation for moving forward and growing our business."

Alex R., Director of Production Operations for a Major European Brewery

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