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Expand your organization's ability to realize its collective intelligence!

Why is it that teams, departments and organizations often find themselves sinking to the lowest common denominator instead of leveraging all available brainpower? So many things seem to block our ability to collaborate on shared goals and aspirations. No matter how hard we try, chronic problems persist and our ways of thinking, acting and operating never change. This course will broaden and deepen individual capacity to learn and grow in service of desired personal and organizational results.

CEO's, Presidents, Vice-Presidents
Directors, Senior Managers

Organization Learning Disabilities.
Mental Models - the power of how we think about things and how it impacts results.
Personal Mastery ­ shifting your orientation from reactive to creative.
Shared Vision - the role of individual and collective aspirations in learning and performing.
Systems Thinking ­ understanding complexity and how to eliminate blame.
Team Learning - ways to "see" and "hear" the forces at play that shape our behaviors and keep us "stuck".
All of the above applied to "real life" .

Increased capacity to collaborate across boundaries.
Understanding of how beliefs and assumptions impact behavior and results.
Increased ability to have "learningful" and productive conversations.
Deeper understanding of the complexity of the chronic problems in your organization and of a more thoughtful way out.
All Course Material.

The standard teaching approach is to introduce a particular framework or tool, have participants practice new skills, and apply those skills to a business challenge in order to develop powerful new insights and strategies. There is limited reliance on lecture and strong emphasis on having participants work together in new ways. One of the key components involves the active and deliberate use of reflection and group inquiry about the practice and application of the theory, methodology, and/or tools and the group's collective learnings.

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