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Teach the "Learning Organization" Philosophy and Ways of Thinking, and Acting in Pursuit of Total Quality and Continuous Improvement.

In any organization dramatic benefits can be achieved through the combination of a clear vision, a transparent process and strong employee involvement. This course will provide tools and techniques that will enable them to work with departments and teams across their organizations to imbed the philosophy of the "Learning Organization" which will lead to significant improvement in performance, greater acceptance of change, and greater acceleration of your company. This course will also teach group facilitation, leading an organization-wide visioning process, and day-to-day facilitation of change.

CEO's, Presidents, Vice-Presidents
Directors, Senior Managers
Corporate Trainers

How to create a guiding model for your desired change and simulate key elements.
How to recognize cues that let you "see" and "hear" the structures and forces at play that make up your organization's "systemic behavior".
How to use systemic design to mitigate those structures and forces that will stop your change dead in its tracks.
Fundamentals of organization learning.
Group facilitation skills.
Skillful delivery of a "learning organization" workshop.

Understanding of why individuals and organizations behave the way they do and how they change.
Understanding of how and why change efforts fail.
Understanding of the role of Change Leaders.
An ability to lead corporate visioning process.
Tools & techniques to facilitate change.
All Course Material.

The standard teaching approach is to introduce a particular framework or tool, have participants practice new skills, and apply those skills to a business challenge in order o develop powerful new insights and strategies. There is limited reliance on lecture and strong emphasis on having participants work together in new ways. One of the key components involves the active and deliberate use of reflection and group inquiry about the practice and application of the theory, methodology, and/or tools and the group's collective learnings.

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"During the seminar we learned some tools to change our mental model in order to solve our problems. We could then align all the different visions we had into just one that included all the perspectives. This learning was the milestone we needed to start to change the old system to a new one where 'things' are running better than in the past. Change management is based on changing the mental model, learning the tools and testing this immediately to see how powerful they are."

— José Álvarez, Manufacturing Manager, International Consumer Products Company


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