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Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Problems: Your ways of operating are perfectly designed to give you exactly what you have!

Have you ever had a problem that you "solved" over and over again? Or a situation that recurred no matter whom you hired to fill a position? Well, clearly there is more going on than meets the eye. You are caught in a "systemic structure" that is perfectly designed to give you the results you keep producing. This course can help you get out of the cycle by teaching you to "see" and "hear" the forces at play. Once the forces are identified, you can locate one or more opportunities to break the cycle and start producing desired results.

CEO's, Presidents, Vice-Presidents
Directors, Senior Managers

Introduction to System Dynamics
The Language and Diagrams of Systems Thinking
Common and Universal Systems and Forces at Play
Questions and Interventions for Going Deeper
Steps of Systems Thinking Analysis
Using Systems Thinking Analysis on a Real Problem
Understanding How Our Thinking Impacts Our Conversations
Thinking and Acting for More "Learningful" Conversations

* Ideas based in part on "The Fifth Discipline," Peter M. Senge, Doubleday-Currency books

An appreciation that there is no single answer or "truth", rather we operate out of our own understanding and belief of what is "true".
You will achieve significant progress on a real problem you are facing.
An enhanced capability to understand complexity.
An increase in your capacity to have more "learningful" conversations across boundaries and levels.
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The standard teaching approach is to introduce a particular framework or tool, have participants practice new skills, and apply those skills to a business challenge in order to develop powerful new insights and strategies. There is limited reliance on lecture and strong emphasis on having participants work together in new ways. One of the key components involves the active and deliberate use of reflection and group inquiry about the practice and application of the theory, methodology, and/or tools and the group's collective learnings.

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