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Stephen Hardy is the President and founder of HMC. His background and qualifications show a broad range of skills that include strategic planning, operational management, sales & marketing, engineering and human resource development in a wide variety of global industries and locations. Throughout his career he has developed and refined a Holistic Management approach to implementing lasting change, ensuring that all elements are tightly integrated and strategically consistent. His expertise has been derived from different industries and numerous cultures and has proven effective in every situation where it has been applied rigorously.

His extensive experience includes:

Provided training to thousands of people on human systems, including diagnostics, problem solving, change implementation, planning and communication.

Managed projects in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Australia, Latin America, Asia and North America and understanding the importance of culture in business.

Served as CEO of a high-tech machine tool company where he was responsible for its turn-around after a management buy-out.

Served as the Group Board Director for a packaging machinery manufacturer, where he restructured two assembly plants and a chemical plant, ran R&D operations in Russia, prepared a sub-assembly operation for sale, managed a sales company, managed product development programs, and had responsibility for strategic development of real-time software for use in packaging systems and IT.

Developed the sales and marketing strategy for an American company, and hired personnel and agents for the Latin American market.

Stephen's qualifications include a BSEE, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Chartered Engineer, Masters in Digital Communications and Computer Networks, postgraduate degree in Marketing and MBA in International Marketing and Corporate Strategy. He was a Royal Academy of Engineering Professor for Design and Engineering in the UK from 1991-1993.

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Carol Morse is a senior professional from Innovation Associates, well known for its work in organizational change and learning, now working with HMC. Over a 25 year period prior to joining Innovation Associates, Ms. Morse held the positions of Vice President and Director of Information Systems at Rust-Oleum Corporation and the Exchange National Bank of Chicago, and was a Senior Manager with Digital Equipment Corporation.

Ms. Morse has worked extensively with executive and senior management teams to develop and implement business strategies, while simultaneously helping them better understand how complex human systems operate and how to apply organizational change learning methods to accelerate the creation of business results. Her clients span both the public and private sectors, and a broad range of industries from financial services, information technology and manufacturing, to telecommunications, health care, oil and gas and other service organizations. Ms. Morse has worked with clients in the U.S., Europe and extensively in Southeast Asia.

Some of her project experience includes:

Guided the executive team of a major defense organization through the development and launch of its vision, mission, and values in service of a long-term cultural transformation.

Developed a framework for change in a major Singapore public sector organization, and designing a process to guide and engage a large number of project teams in the implementation of the transformation effort.

Helped an executive team at a major financial organization determine how to shift business in more strategic ways in the long term, while simultaneously achieving short-term sales and financial goals.

Worked with a newly formed IT oversight team at a division of a major paper company to generate the vision, strategy, processes, operating principles and values that enabled team members to overcome their functional and territorial allegiances.

Ms. Morse attended Northwestern University and holds an MBA from the Lake Forest School of Management.


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