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Many of our clients have significantly increased productive capacity and profits by applying the Holistic Manufacturing™ methodology for variability reduction. Once manufacturing capacity is no longer the bottleneck, HMC's Holistic Manufacturing Supply Chain Diagnostic can help identify the next leverage point and help clients achieve an additional outstanding increase in profits.

When Manufacturing Improvement is no Longer your Biggest Problem
Once the manufacturing processes are under control, a company needs to identify where it needs to invest in further improvements. The answer is not the same for every company, nor is the answer obvious to the various functional heads. In fact, we usually see each functional area taking actions to improve, often driven by key measurements (KRAs - Key Result Areas) in each department. While implemented with the best intentions, this non-holistic approach can be the biggest detriment to significant improvement as it often fails to account for the myriad of interactions between functional areas.

How a Supply Chain Diagnostic Can Help
In the Supply Chain, the biggest leverage point comes from significantly reducing conflict between the various functional areas, enabling them to work in concert to achieve company goals. Our experience shows that these root problems are cross-functional in nature. Therefore, it is not within the power of one functional area to overcome them.

The HMC Approach
The HMC Holistic Supply Chain Diagnostic consists of four basic steps:

Diagnose the problem - Generally a 2-day intensive effort, involving extensive interviews with the Business Unit head and the head of each functional area.
Documentation & analysis - The HMC team develops a clear understanding of the current business goals, then documents and analyzes the biggest problems blocking each senior manager from achieving his or her goals.
Root-cause analysis - HMC uses a powerful methodology for root cause analysis to validate the findings and to gain consensus from management on the root problems.
Verification - The HMC team presents its analysis and recommendations to the client for verification. To verify that they haveidentified a true leverage point, the team confirms that if the root problems are overcome, there will be a minimum impact of 10% on organization goals within one year or less.

If the root causes are not correctly identified and dealt with, they do not go away. Symptoms reoccur and continue to prevent the company from achieving its goals. All functional managers feel increasingly frustrated, as similar issues resurface and consume their energy, without lasting results.

Key HMC Team Members
Gerald and Jacquelyn Kendall are the key leaders providing this new HMC diagnostic service. Using the constraints management methodology, the Kendall's have worked successfully with dozens of clients around the globe.

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