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As any good doctor will explain, you can't prescribe a remedy until you've properly diagnosed the problem. HMC's Diagnostic Consulting service is an extensive assessment of your manufacturing process. The purpose of the diagnostic is to surface key obstacles to performance and to quantify the improvement potential.

HMC will study your operation, recording everything that happens, including line changes, personnel changes, repairs, disruptions, set-ups, etc. Every minute of every day is captured and statistically analyzed. With this enormous amount of data we are able to evaluate all inputs, outputs and adjustments made to the machinery. This thorough examination of your manufacturing process, which we call "Line Under the Microscope", is essential to understanding the key components of each process and the interrelationship among the myriad of variables that impact machine performance. HMC believes strongly in the power of diagnostics in determining the specific problem areas in a manufacturing operation. We also use this process to identify in a scientific way the size of the improvement opportunity, which we then commit to achieving with our clients.

Our Diagnostic Consulting Service will help any organization visualize their production process and scientifically identify the key problem areas. Most manufacturing operations have a multitude of variables that could impact the effectiveness of their manufacturing process. Determining which variables are the most important, or have the greatest impact on the process, is vital to making substantial improvements.

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Our Diagnostic Process looks as follows:

Once armed with this vast amount of data, we begin the process of sifting through it to analyze machine and operator performance and results.

We conduct several analyses of the line and machines. The Line Downtime analysis identifies major causes of line stoppages. The most significant categories of disruptions can then be further defined to give more specific information. The Individual Machine Downtime analysis shows where significant disruptions occur. After reviewing these analyses we can identify the major areas of focus. Through these analyses we can begin to identify the root causes and also begin to quantify the benefit of eliminating disruptions and reducing variability.

We also look at several analyses of efficiency. The Shift Efficiency analysis shows how each shift's line efficiency varies and identifies the gap between line and absolute efficiencies. The Hourly Efficiency analysis shows how efficiency varies during the diagnostic and identifies major causes of downtime and poor efficiency. To look at longer-term trends we conduct an Historical Line Efficiency analysis to help put the diagnostic data into proper perspective.

Finally, we take a look at the Good Shift ­ Difficult Shift analysis to define the opportunity that exists to improve performance by reducing variability.

This process is both exhaustive and time-consuming, but is the only way to yield accurate, reliable information on the manufacturing process. With this tool, you are armed with the best weapon for fighting production inefficiency. Our Diagnostic Consulting service will give you the information you need to make fundamental and lasting improvements to your manufacturing operation.

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