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Great ideas are not easy to come by, and even the best idea will not reach its potential if it is not properly managed. At HMC, we have a team of people with a tremendous amount of experience engineering new products/processes and managing large scale, international projects, as well as experts in providing project management training. We can help you solve your most difficult engineering challenges, or provide you with the training and tools you will need to more effectively manage your project portfolio.

HMC has helped many multinational clients solve major production or design problems and implement new processes or technologies. Our team has worked on a variety of projects and their expertise can be brought to bear on your most perplexing or pressing problems. We can also support your critical projects to ensure that you have the right solutions to move your business forward. To see how we assisted one of our clients with a potentially disastrous engineering problem, read our story about a US Food Equipment Manufacturer.

Our project management professionals can train your team to deal more effectively with the multi-project environment and constant resource conflicts. Using the Critical Chain approach to project management, HMC can help you achieve up to 50% higher project throughput with same resources and a much higher on-time, on-budget completion rate. We can help you learn how to choose the right project mix and prepare convincing presentations to gain executive support in project portfolio management. HMC can tailor its project management training to meet your organization's specific needs, and we also offer open-enrollment project management seminars.

HMC provides engineering services in a variety of areas, including:

Product design
Manufacturing process design
Equipment design
Re-engineering projects
Facility design
Project management

All of our engineering consultants and project management professionals are highly skilled and have many years of hands-on experience. They are noted experts in their respective fields and continually work with global companies to solve complex problems or design effective solutions.

But don't just take our word for it! Check out our client success stories to see how HMC has helped other organizations solve complex problems.

To find out how HMC can help you with your engineering or project management needs, contact an HMC representative today.

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