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Moving manufacturing operations offshore is a growing trend that has many potential benefits; however, setting up production in an offshore facility is not always straightforward. It requires an in-depth knowledge of the country your are working in and experience in handling offshore production issues. HMC can facilitate this process and can help your firm achieve the lower production costs you desire.

Offshore manufacture has many potential benefits, including:

Lower labor costs
Lower investment cost in manufacturing infrastructure
Move production closer to customer markets
Integration into foreign supply chains
Foreign government incentives
Reduced taxation possibilities

Some or all of the above considerations could dramatically improve your manufacturing bottom line, if you make the correct choices and the transition goes smoothly. HMC has worked with clients in many manufacturing facilities in Asia and South America and possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the production issues involved in manufacturing in these regions. Our expertise can help you avoid the inevitable start-up hassles and quickly get you on-line with lower production costs. We feel confident that the quality of the products manufactured in plants we select or help commission will meet or exceed the quality parameters that you have today.

HMC can support your organization in developing an appropriate global strategy for manufacturing production. Our services include:

Identify minor design changes but continue to manufacture locally.
Identify options for manufacture in South America or Asia.
Manufacture elements overseas and assemble in the US.
Identify Asian-made products that can be manufactured for our clients.
Compare contract manufacture vs. setting up your own factory in Asia.
Obtain quotations for manufacture of your product in Asia or South America.
Demonstrate the potential savings for overseas manufacture.

Our core methodology, Holistic Manufacturing, has led many companies to increase output, reduce cost and improve quality to levels they previously considered unattainable.
Using this technique, HMC has developed an excellent reputation for its outstanding results in various manufacturing companies around the world.

Let us put our expertise to work for you. If you would like our assistance in evaluating or moving production capabilities offshore, or would just like more information on our Offshore Manufacturing Services, please download the Offshore Manufacturing.pdf
or contact an HMC representative today.


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