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Manufacturing success is based on the ability to produce products quicker, more consistently, and at a lower cost than your competitors. Small improvements in productivity or efficiency can have a very large impact on success. At HMC, we understand manufacturing processes and are experts at helping you identify and improve those production variables that will yield the greatest return.

Our Productivity and Efficiency Improvement service is based upon years of experience working within a variety of manufacturing environments. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and know where to look to find the key leverage points for your production system. And using our unique Holistic Manufacturing™ approach, we look at human issues as well as technological and mechanical systems. In many cases the key changes that need to be made are human system related — the management style, work procedures, or organizational structure could be the most important impediments to production efficiency.

At HMC, we begin with a scientific analysis of your production process, which we call the diagnostic. The diagnostic is used to accurately pinpoint and identify areas of focus. This process allows considerable flexibility in that it first characterizes the variability and then identifies the opportunity for improvement, which helps to properly allocate limited resources.

Armed with the results from the above analyses, we can then focus in on those areas of your production process that, if corrected or improved, would provide the greatest increase in productivity or efficiency. Once these improvements have been made, we implement a process to ensure that these improvements are permanent. HMC provides monitoring and training and supports your team in developing Dynamic Standard Operating Procedures to ensure improvements are sustainable.

But don't just take our word for it! Read our client success stories to see how HMC has helped other organizations improve productivity.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing process, or are planning to start up a new process, contact an HMC representative today to discuss how we can help you exceed your expectations and beat the competition.


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