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Variability Reduction is one of HMC's primary service offerings that provides clients with a philosophy and methodology for permanently reducing manufacturing variations that negatively impact performance.. Variability Reduction is a key aspect of our Holistic Manufacturing™ philosophy that truly helps our clients innovate and acheive breakthrough results.

Even small disruptions can propagate throughout a manufacturing process, with significant impact on performance. Holistic Manufacturing™ is a very practical approach that consistently yields dramatic results. A key aspect of the philosophy is that even slight variations and disruptions in the manufacturing process can have an important impact on the entire organization.

Guiding Principles
The manufacturing conversion process is a science.
Systematic problem solving approaches are critical to achieving long lasting results.
The plant must be used as a learning environment: from physical asset control to information asset management.

Use minimum resources.
Focus on "lost opportunities" and "things gone very right".
Isolate disruptions and thereby control the process.
React only to statistically significant events.

Increased yield, improvements in throughput, and lower rejects through dramatic reduction of disruptions.
Gain competitive advantage by leveraging process knowledge.
Improvements go directly to the bottom line.

The Results
The Holistic Manufacturing approach provides simple, credible and sustainable results:

Simple — Our system is simple by design; it is adopted easily by the factory workers. We work side-by-side with all the people involved to steer them through the difficult changes.
Credible — We have proven that the Holistic Manufacturing™ methodology increases throughput and can be managed easily, especially where the exercise has been preceded by headcount reductions.
Sustainable — Results are holding and continuing to improve for ALL of our previous clients.

View our client success stories to see how HMC has help other organizations reduce variabiity and achieve sustainable improvements.

Variability reduction is the key to improving manufacturing performance. Contact an HMC representative to discuss how HMC can help your company achieve breakthrough results.


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