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Reducing waste offers perhaps the largest opportunity for improving manufacturing performance. 'Waste' encompasses raw material waste, wasted inventory, wasted end-products, wasted time, wasted efforts and unnecessary rework. Some degree of loss is inevitable, the key factor is to develop procedures and systems that keep these losses to a minimum to maximize yield.

The consultants at HMC are experts in analyzing manufacturing processes and helping clients identify and reduce or eliminate production waste. Using our Holistic Manufacturing™ approach we identify key problem areas that produce excessive waste or rejects.Traditionally, two major sources of waste are:

Product changeovers and
Faulty human systems.

HMC has developed several tools to help streamline changeovers. One of them is the Product Wheel, which is used to optimize the changeover process through improved scheduling. Traditionally, manufacturers use a matrix to establish acceptable times for changeover between SKUs. This optimizes any one specific week but not each change process. The Product Wheel methodology optimizes the product sequence based on the complexity of the changeover elements combined with demand, which dramatically reduces downtime.

HMC uses technical and human systems tools to analyze your production process and get to the root causes of waste and rejects. Poor training, lack of written procedures, inconsistent management and organizational impediments can be responsible for a significant part of waste. Our Holistic approach ensures that the root causes are identified and that corrections are properly implemented and are sustainable.

Read how HMC helped Cigarrera Bigott reduce waste by a factor of four and helped a Nobleza Piccardo, Argentina reduce waste by 60%.

If your material waste and rejects are too high or getting out of control, then contact the experts at HMC to learn more about their reject and waste reduction service and how it can help you turn lost resources into increased profits!


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