HMC has helped clients across a wide range of industries both domestically and internationally to achieve higher levels of output, increased efficiencies, and permanent improvements as a result. Our clients will attest to our commitment and the benefits of our holistic approach. We would like to share a few of our success stories to illustrate the HMC Difference.

Beverage Makers:
European Brewery Achieves 50% Increase in Productivity.
International Beverage Maker Achieves Astounding Improvements in Output and Efficiency.

Food Equipment Manufacturers:
Lincoln Foodservice Products, Inc. Doubles Output While Reducing Lead Times by 41%.
Food Equipment Manufacturer Reduces Backlog of Service Requests by 90%.

Consumer Goods Manufacturers:
Consumer Goods Manufacturer Increases a Product Quality Index by 58.2 percentage points.
Cigarrera Bigott Realizes Increased Long Term Outputs and Efficiency Improvements of
10-12%; and Reduces Waste by a Factor of Four.

South American Tobacco Plant Increased Efficiency by 14%, While Reducing Waste by 60%.
A Major Consumer Goods Manufacturer Increases Performance on Critical Lines by 25-40%.


"The HMC Team not only showed us how to be more productive, but they also helped us to be self sufficient by training our staff on the processes and methodologies that they put in place. Their excellent training ensures that we will be able to sustain the results and duplicate them in the future."

— Cigarrera Bigott



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