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Alan Brown is an Engineering Management Consultant with extensive experience in the packaging industry. He has a hands-on management style that fits well with the Holistic Manufacturing™ philosophy and enables him to set an example within the plant and achieve successful, sustainable improvements.

Alan has a broad understanding of packaging and production within the Consumer Products industry, with specific expertise in bottling and canning technologies. He recently managed the packaging improvement phase of an HMC project for cigarette manufacturer BAT in Bangladesh. Other major clients include Orchard House Foods, Bulmers Cider, Edan Vale, Container Systems, Anheuser Busch and Interbrew UK, Ltd.

Prior to founding ABL Packaging, where he provided interim management and consulting services to the packaging industry, Alan worked for Whitbread Beer Company as Engineering Manager. His achievements include an increase in equipment effectiveness of nearly 20% on both production lines, a 15% reduction in maintenance spending while maintaining full production capacity, design and implementation of an MPMS system to suit bottling needs, implementation of ISO 9002 within the Engineering department, establishment of a training system with facilities and library on-site and redesign of line layout to increase efficiency and reduce product and package waste. For Krones UK, Alan maintained and serviced hot- and cold-glue labeling machinery, including Canmatics, Universellas, Starmatics and Topmatics with speeds of up to 1000 bottles per minute.

Alan studied Engineering at City & Guilds and Advanced City & Guilds and is trained in Productivity Europe and Quick size-change procedures. He is currently based in Lancashire, England.

Email: browna@h-m-c.com


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