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Guillermo Trotti has served as President of Trotti and Associates, Inc. since 1996, providing consulting services to a wide variety of organizations. He provides management, design, and research services in the areas of Systems Architecture, Holistic Manufacturing™, and Industrial Design.

Guillermo has taught undergraduate industrial design studies focusing on human factors, design process, and technology development focusing on curricula for extreme environments, such as Space and the Antarctic, at the Rhode Island School of Design. He was also the co-founder and President of Bell and Trotti, Inc. (BTI) from 1985 until 1993. BTI was an internationally recognized architecture and fabrication firm specializing in Systems Architecture, Human Factors, Industrial Design, and Exhibit Design. Since its inception the company had a key role in designing several elements of the International Space Station for NASA and leading aerospace companies. Mr. Trotti was the partner in charge of NASA projects for human factors, crew quarters, galley and wardroom, workstations, and restraint systems design. BTI designed and developed interactive exhibits for education and entertainment purposes. In addition, BTI designed sets for the movie industry and major theme attractions.

Guilermo was also the co-founder and is a member of the International Design for Extreme Environments Association (IDEEA). Formally established in 1991, IDEEA USA and the IDEEA Federation are nonprofit organizations that address critical human and technological challenges exemplified in extreme environments. As a national member organization of the IDEEA Federation, IDEEA USA joined IDEEA Russia and other IDEEA member organizations (UK, Canada, and Mexico) in the initiation and support of peaceful and beneficial activities dedicated to global cooperation, environmental sustainability, and peace.

Guillermo was educated at Rice University in Houston, TX, where he received both his Bachelors and Masters degree in Architecture. He has also studied at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has received numerous honors and was the winner of the National Science Foundation and the American Institute of Architects competition for the design and master plan of the South Pole Station in 1990. Guillermo's work has been published in national and international professional publications and he has presented many papers/lectures at national and international conferences and Universities.

Projects have included Interior Design Configuration, Habitation Module of the NASA Space Station- Boeing Aerospace, Huntsville, AL; Galley Design for the NASA Space Station -ILC Space Systems, Houston, TX; Human Factors Restraint & Mobility System Design - NASA Manned Systems & ILC Space, Houston, TX; Design and Human Factors Study, Crew quarters and hygiene facility, NASA Space Station - Grumman Aerospace; Black Bird Resort - Blackbird Island, Belize; Asturiano Country Club and Eco-Park - Cuautla, Mexico; The Batman Escape Rollercoaster and Preshow - Six Flags, Houston, TX; Cosmic Journey - Ringling Brothers Burnam and Baily, Orlando, FL; The Challenger Center - Museum of Natural Sciences, Houston, TX; Cosmic Pavilion - Sapporo, Japan; Riyadh Science Complex - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Competition, Second Prize); and the Housing Pavilion and Fountain Park - Tokyo, Japan.

Email: trottig@h-m-c.com


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