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José Luis Useche is a manager with HMC working in the areas of Holistic Manufacturing™, operations improvement, process analysis and training. His responsabilities include business development and management in the Latin America and Caribbean region. He has extensive experience in Holistic Manufacturing™ projects in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia.

For BAT Russia, José Luis restructured and developed new operating procedures in the Primary Manufacturing department, including written DSOPs, a new maintenance management system and a training plan to support the company objectives and vision.

José Luis managed similar Holistic Manufacturing™ projects for BAT throughout Europe. For BAT Germany, he re-organized the Primary Manufacturing department and developed specific job descriptions, responsabilities and training requirements to support that new structure. For BAT Italy, he identified and implemented improvement opportunities achieving a 20% increase in tobacco-processing capacity. And for BAT Poland, José Luis implemented a new structure and operating procedures in both the Primary and Secondary production departments, reducing variability and achieving a 30% improvement in productivity. Using product-wheel scheduling and developing new brand-change procedures, he achieved a 75% reduction in set-up time. He also helped develop new performance indicators and procedures using HMC's HDS software.

José Luis has extensive experience in the implementation of the Holistic Manufacturing™methodology, including diagnostic assessment, HDS software implementation and training, conducting control studies and interpreting results, and development and implementation of Dynamic Standard Operating Procedures (DSOPs). He is skilled in coaching at the shop floor and Supervisor level to analyze and interpret HDS data, improve maintenance planning and support human resource management and improved communications.He has extensive international experience, including projects in Malaysia, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago, USA and Mexico.

Prior to joining HMC, José Luis worked as a Consultant for Arthur D. Little Latin America. His background includes a broad range of experience in Technology Consulting and Operations Management projects.

José Luis received his BS in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Telecommunications from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. He is native in Spanish and fluent in English, with a working knowledge of Portuguese and Italian. José Luis is currently based in Caracas, Venezuela.

Email: usechejl@h-m-c.com


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