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Patrick Harton is a consultant with HMC. He has experience in Holistic Manufacturing™, with a focus on operations management and human resource issues.

Patrick has worked on Holistic Manufacturing™ project teams in Bayreuth, Germany and at three BAT manufacturing facilities in Russia. He was responsable for detailed analysis of operations processes, deduction of optimization approaches, process reorganization and implementation of Holistic Manufacturing™ tools. Patrick also provided support in traning client teams. Patrick is currently managing a Holistic Manufacturing™project for a high-ranking international producer of electronic plug connections.

As an intern at BAT, Germany, Patrick facilitated communication between HMC and BAT and acted as liaison between the Holistic Manufacturing™ project team and shop-floor personnel. As a team member, his main focus was to identify sources of variability in secundary manufacturing operations and define key areas for improvement. He conducted control study interviews and provided support for the implementation of Holistic Manufacturing™tools.

Patrick also gained management experience working for Amann Real Estate in Stuttgart, Germany. As Junior Partner, he managed rentals and maintenance for 22 apartments with an account management volume of 10,000€ per month.

Patrick holds a Diploma in Technically-oriented Business Administration from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. He is native in German and fluent in English. Patrick is currently based in Germany.

Email: hartonp@h-m-c.com


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