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Pablo Hitters is a consultant with HMC with a diverse background in management, manufacturing and Holistic Manufacturing™projects.

For BAT Poland, Pablo re-designed the manufacturing and stocking plans for filter department by developing a KDF capacity analysis, assigning filters types to machines and identifying Kanban and make-to-stock filters. The new plan will help Poland better absorb the large increase in volume expected for 2007-2008. Pablo recently led a Holistic Manufacturing™ project in BAT Russia's Saratov plant, including the design of Kanbans for wrapping materials and filters. Results are being reviewed, but preliminary data indicates a 10% OEE improvement.

Prior to joining HMC, Pablo spent 3 years with A.T.Kearney. As Manager, he worked to create competitive strategies, operational and process improvements for large multi-national companies, and to affect executive level decision-making and implement change within large organizations. Specifically, Pablo led the manufacturing consolidation analysis for a major U.S. and global branded popcorn manufacturer, the resulting plan to consolidate 3 plants into one facility was announced in the WSJ. For a leading Cosmetics, Fragrance and Toiletries company, Pablo developed a global manufacturing strategy using a balanced approach of economic, qualitative and strategic factors. Pablo led an integrated consultant/client team through the identification and implementatoin of business improvement opportunities for the Member Services Group of a major U.S. HMO. And for an automotive supplier under Chapter 11, Pablo managed the consultant team in developing cash flow and P&L impact of complex manufacturing footprint rationalization and operational improvements.

Pablo led and worked on a variety of projects as a Consultant with Arthur D. Little in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He co-directed a team responsable for projecting financial statements and free cash flows for $500 million debt-restructuring project in Venezuela; recommendations were accepted by ABN-AMRO and Citibank. He developed a capital expenditure model for Brazil’s data transmission and long distance telephony company, Embratel, as part of Latin America’s largest privatization. Pablo also facilitated dispute resolution over IT deficiencies between a software company and a major Argentine bank, leading to a $4 million agreement. And Pablo performed Holistic Manufacturing™ diagnostics for a beer bottling and canning operation and for an Argentine cigarrette manufacturer's GLT processing operation.

As Quality Engineer for United Technologies Automotive, Pablo gained hands-on manufacturing experience during the Ranger ’98 prototype build-up phase at Ford Motor Company, solving technical and administrative problems. He managed eight operators to perform quality analysis on electrical wiring system prototypes and had complete responsability for quality assurance of the new Ford Ranger electrical system.

Pablo earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. He recieved his BS in Industrial Engineering from the Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pablo is native in Spanish, fluent in English, French and Portuguese and speaks beginner-level Thai. He is currently based in Buenos Aires.

Email: hittersp@h-m-c.com


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